PSXImager V2.0 - windows build DOWNLOAD

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PSXImager V2.0 - windows build DOWNLOAD

Post autor: ikskoks » 05 marca 2017, 10:50 - ndz

PSXImager V2.0

PSXImager is a collection of tools for dumping and (pre-)mastering
PlayStation 1 ("PSX") CD-ROM images. It consists of three tools:

* psxrip
Dumps the contents of the data track of a binary CD image ("BIN/CUE") to
a directory tree plus a "catalog" file containing filesystem metadata.

* psxbuild
The inverse of psxrip; takes a catalog file and a directory tree to
produce a binary CD image which can be burned to a CD medium.

* psxinject
Replaces the contents of a file inside a binary CD image.

What sets PSXImager apart from standard ISO 9660 imaging tools is that
PSXImager handles images in the CD-ROM XA format, which is what the
PlayStation 1 uses.
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