Reverse Engineering Tutorials & Links Collection

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Reverse Engineering Tutorials & Links Collection

Post autor: ikskoks » 28 maja 2020, 23:54 - czw

Hello. I would like to share with you my private tutorial links collection. These are
useful topics from Xentax, Zenhax and any other reverse engineering related sites that
I was able to find in the Internet. I have put them into categories.
You may encounter situation when one tutorial fits to few categories, but it is placed
only in the category that it fits most. Also, you may encounter tutorials with "[PL]" mark,
these are tuts in Polish language. If you don't understand this language, just skip them.

Also be aware that I haven't read/watch some of these tutorials yet, so I can't recommend you
which tutorial is the best choice, sometimes I'm still learning new things just like you
and on this list you may find tuts that are not very useful for you, so don't blame
me for that. :) Just pick your favourite category and start learning.
If you are complete newbie, I would recommend to start with tuts from category
"Basic knowledge".

If you have any other good source of knowledge, you can write a comment below
and I will update this tutorials collection.

Also remember that those links may be dead some day, so don't blame me for that
and just make a copy for private use :)

So that's it. Enjoy. :D

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