Searching text strings using Total Commander

Hello. Today I’m going to show you how to find text strings inside multiple files and multiple directories using Total Commander.
First you need to download this program here –>

Then open main window and click Search for icon or click ALT+F7.

I have created some example folder and example files to show you how to use this function:

So I have file1.txt in folder1 with content “aaa bbb ccc”
file2.txt in folder2 with content “aaa bbb”
and file3.txt in folder3 with content “aaa”

Now select path where you want to search for strings in search window:

Now check Find text checkbox and type “aaa”.
Then click Start search button.

You will find results in all three files:

You can double click on result and then open found file in Total Commander:

The important thing here is that you can also search for string in binary files.
Total commander supports very fast resursive searching with many additional options like these:

That’s all. Now you know how to do basic search.

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